plural of rhea


• Asher, Rahes, Share, Shear, asher, earsh, hares, harse, hears, sehar, sehra, share, shear

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Rhe"a, n. (Bot.)

Definition: The ramie or grass-cloth plant. See Grass-cloth plant, under Grass.

Rhe"a, n. Etym: [L., a proper name.] (Zoöl.)

Definition: Any one of three species of large South American ostrichlike birds of the genera Rhea and Pterocnemia. Called also the American ostrich.

Note: The common rhea, or nandou (Rhea Americana), ranges from Brazil to Patagonia. Darwin's rhea (Pterocnemia Darwinii), of Patagonia, is smaller, and has the legs feathered below the knee.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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