Wordscapes: Get More Coins


Wordscapes is a casual word game created by PeopleFun. It’s consistently in the top charts of both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Android version has more than 10 million installs. The game has two modes – Daily Puzzle and the Category Levels from 1 to 6,000. A recent update to the game lets you play the Master Levels from 6,001 to 8,000.

Daily Puzzle

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle #1

Let’s do the daily puzzle first. It’s similar in gameplay to the Category Levels. The goal here is to pop as many butterflies as possible. The secondary goal is to get as many free coins by getting the extra words. First, enter the letters gulsny given by the game in the “Find words from” field. From the sample screenshot, we’re looking for a six-letter word starting with S. Enter S in the “that end with” input field and 6 in the “of length” field. Try it by tapping the “SEARCH” button. You should get SNUGLY.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle #2

Continue following the new butterfly. Don’t click “RESET”, clear only the specific fields you don’t need. Keep the letters in the “Find words from” field. In the next screenshot, we’re looking for a five-letter word that ends with G. You should get SLUNG after entering these parameters in the search form.

Rinse and repeat, but don’t finish the game yet. We’re going to get those extra coins once there is only one word left. Clear the other parameters of the search form except “Find words from” and tap “SEARCH”. From the search result, use those other words. Make sure to skip the probable game-winning entry for the game to get those extra coins. Once you have exhausted the list, use the final word to finish the game. Enjoy your free coins.

Always click or tap the “RESET” button when starting on a new level from a game.

Category Levels

Wordscapes Category Level

The technique for getting more coins at a Category Level is similar to the daily puzzle. The main difference is you are not chasing butterflies, making it easier to play. Don’t forget to tap “RESET” before entering the letters from the new level. You might get an empty result if the parameters from the previous search are still there.

Remember to hold off finishing the level when you are in the last puzzle. Try to enter the other terms from the list to get those extra coins.

To cheat or get extra coins

The purpose of most word games is to enhance your vocabulary in a fun and enjoyable manner. Most word finder websites will show you the solution for each level in the game. There’s no fun in using those cheat lists. It’s better to try solving the puzzle on your own first and only use a helper tool when you get stuck. A better way is to use this tool when you are about to finish a level to get those extra coins. Check all those words that you have missed.

That’s it. May you have hours of fun accumulating those extra coins in Wordscapes. Happy gaming! Enjoy your coffee trivia below.


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20 May 2024


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Coffee Trivia

The Boston Tea Party helped popularize coffee in America. The hefty tea tax imposed on the colonies in 1773 resulted in America switching from tea to coffee. In the lead up to the Revolutionary War, it became patriotic to sip java instead of tea. The Civil War made the drink more pervasive. Coffee helped energize tired troops, and drinking it became an expression of freedom.

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