Etymology 1


yod (plural yods)

Alternative form of yodh

(phonetics) A palatal approximant, /j/.

Etymology 2



Eye dialect spelling of yard.


• doy

Source: Wiktionary


Yead, v. i.

Definition: Properly, a variant of the defective imperfect yode, but sometimes mistaken for a present. See the Note under Yede. [Obs.] Years yead away and faces fair deflower. Drant.


Yede, obs. imp.

Definition: Went. See Yode. All as he bade fulfilled was indeed This ilke servant anon right out yede. Chaucer.

Note: Spenser and some later writers mistook this for a present of the defective imperfect yode. It is, however, only a variant of yode. See Yode, and cf. Yead. [He] on foot was forced for to yeed. Spenser

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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