yak, Bos grunniens

(noun) large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated

yak, yack, yakety-yak, chatter, cackle

(noun) noisy talk

yak, gab

(verb) talk profusely; “she was yakking away about her grandchildren”

Source: WordNet® 3.1

Etymology 1


yak (plural yak or yaks)

An ox-like mammal native to the Himalayas, Mongolia, Burma, and Tibet with dark, long, and silky hair, a horse-like tail, and a full, bushy mane.


Bos mutus

Bos grunniens

• Bos mutus grunniens, wild yak

• Poephagus grunniens, domestic yak

Etymology 2

Apparently an onomatopoeia.


yak (third-person singular simple present yaks, present participle yakking, simple past and past participle yakked)

(slang, intransitive) To talk, particularly informally but persistently; to chatter or prattle.

(slang, intransitive) To vomit, usually as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.


yak (countable and uncountable, plural yaks)

(slang) A talk, particular an informal talk; chattering; gossip.

(slang) A laugh.

(slang) Vomit.

Etymology 3



yak (plural yaks)

(slang) A kayak.


• 'kay, Kay, kay, kya

Source: Wiktionary

Yak, n. Etym: [Thibetan gyag.] (Zoöl.)

Definition: A bovine mammal (Poëphagus grunnies) native of the high plains of Central Asia. Its neck, the outer side of its legs, and its flanks, are covered with long, flowing, fine hair. Its tail is long and bushy, often white, and is valued as an ornament and for other purposes in India and China. There are several domesticated varieties, some of which lack the mane and the long hair on the flanks. Called also chauri gua, grunting cow, grunting ox, sarlac, sarlik, and sarluc. Yak lace, a coarse pillow lace made from the silky hair of the yak.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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