(noun) a jeweled headdress worn by women on formal occasions

Source: WordNet® 3.1



tiara (plural tiaras)

The papal crown.

An ornamental coronet.


• Arita, Atari, Atira, Taira, aarti, arati, atari, atria, raita, riata, taira, tarai

Source: Wiktionary

Ti*a"ra, n. Etym: [L., from Gr.

1. A form of headdress worn by the ancient Persians. According to Xenophon, the royal tiara was encircled with a diadem, and was high and erect, while those of the people were flexible, or had rims turned over.

2. The pope's triple crown. It was at first a round, high cap, but was afterward encompassed with a crown, subsequently with a second, and finally with a third. Fig.: The papal dignity.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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