first, st

(adjective) indicating the beginning unit in a series

st, twenty-first

(adjective) coming next after the twentieth in position

st, thirty-first

(adjective) coming next after the thirtieth in position

st, forty-first

(adjective) the ordinal number of forty-one in counting order

st, hundred-and-first

(adjective) the ordinal number of one hundred one in counting order

Source: WordNet® 3.1


ST (countable and uncountable, plural STs)

Initialism of short ton(s).

Initialism of storyteller, especially in the context of running certain tabletop role-playing games.

(uncountable) Abbreviation of steam.

(medicine) An ST segment.

Proper noun


(computing) Atari ST

Initialism of Star Trek.

(linguistics, Egyptology) Initialism of Standard Theory.


ST (third-person singular simple present STs, present participle STing, simple past and past participle STed)

Someone who acts as a game master (GM) in a tabletop role-playing game, especially any of the games produced by White Wolf.


• T's, TS, Ts, t's, ts

Etymology 1



Expressing a sudden desire for silence.

Etymology 2



st (plural sts)

Abbreviation of street. (Usually as “st.” Also as “st”. Sometimes capitalized.)

Abbreviation of Saint. (Always capitalized.)

Abbreviation of state.

Abbreviation of stone. (Unit of measuring weight, not capitalized.)

Abbreviation of store. (As in a shopping center.)

(knitting) Abbreviation of stitch.


• T's, TS, Ts, t's, ts


St (plural SS or Sts)

Abbreviation of Saint.

Usage notes

• Used especially in various British place names


• T's, TS, Ts, t's, ts

Source: Wiktionary


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