(adjective) characterized by romantic imagery; “Turner’s vision of the rainbow...was poetic”

poetic, poetical

(adjective) characteristic of or befitting poetry; “poetic diction”

poetic, poetical

(adjective) of or relating to poetry; “poetic works”; “a poetic romance”


(adjective) of or relating to poets; “poetic insight”

Source: WordNet® 3.1



poetic (comparative more poetic, superlative most poetic)

Relating to poetry.

Characteristic of poets; romantic, imaginative, etc.

Connecting to the soul of the beholder.


• prosaic

Source: Wiktionary

Po*et"ic, Po*et"ic*al, a. Etym: [L. poëticus, Gr. poétiquee.]

1. Of or pertaining to poetry; suitable for poetry, or for writing poetry; as, poetic talent, theme, work, sentiments. Shak.

2. Expressed in metrical form; exhibiting the imaginative or the rhythmical quality of poetry; as, a poetical composition; poetical prose. Poetic license. See License, n., 4.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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(adjective) located or moved above the surround or above the normal position; “a raised design”; “raised eyebrows”

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