(noun) dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top

Source: WordNet® 3.1

Etymology 1


pie (countable and uncountable, plural pies)

A type of pastry that consists of an outer crust and a filling.

Any of various other, non-pastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling.

(Northeastern US) A pizza.

(figuratively) The whole of a wealth or resource, to be divided in parts.

(letterpress) A disorderly mess of spilt type.

(cricket) An especially badly bowled ball.

A pie chart.

(slang) The vulva.


pie (third-person singular simple present pies, present participle pieing, simple past and past participle pied)

(transitive) To hit in the face with a pie, either for comic effect or as a means of protest (see also pieing).

(transitive) To go around (a corner) in a guarded manner.

(transitive) (of printing types) To reduce to confusion; to jumble.

Etymology 2


pie (plural pies)

(obsolete) Magpie.

Etymology 3


pie (plural pie or pies)

(historical) The smallest unit of currency in South Asia, equivalent to 1/192 of a rupee or 1/12 of an anna.


• EIP, EPI, Epi, IEP, P.E.I., PEI, Pei, epi, epi-, ipe, ipĂ©

Proper noun


Initialism of Proto-Indo-European.


• EIP, EPI, Epi, IEP, P.E.I., PEI, Pei, epi, epi-, ipe, ipĂ©

Source: Wiktionary

Pie, n. Etym: [OE. pie, pye; cf. Ir. & Gael. pighe pie, also Gael. pige an earthen jar or pot. Cf. Piggin.]

1. An article of food consisting of paste baked with something in it or under it; as, chicken pie; venison pie; mince pie; apple pie; pumpkin pie.

2. See Camp, n., 5. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell. Pie crust, the paste of a pie.

Pie, n. Etym: [F. pie, L. pica; cf. picus woodpecker, pingere to paint; the bird being perhaps named from its colors. Cf. Pi, Paint, Speight.]

1. (Zoöl.) (a) A magpie. (b) Any other species of the genus Pica, and of several allied genera. [Written also pye.]

2. (R. C. Ch.)

Definition: The service book.

3. (Pritn.)

Definition: Type confusedly mixed. See Pi. By cock and pie, an adjuration equivalent to "by God and the service book." Shak.

– Tree pie (Zoöl.), any Asiatic bird of the genus Dendrocitta, allied to the magpie.

– Wood pie. (Zoöl.) See French pie, under French.

Pie, v. t.

Definition: See Pi.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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