(noun) seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as ‘oats’)


(noun) annual grass of Europe and North Africa; grains used as food and fodder (referred to primarily in the plural: ‘oats’)

Source: WordNet® 3.1



oat (countable and uncountable, plural oats)

(uncountable) Widely cultivated cereal grass, typically Avena sativa.

(countable) Any of the numerous species, varieties, or cultivars of any of several similar grain plants in genus Avena.

(usually, as plural) The seeds of the oat, a grain, harvested as a food crop.

A simple musical pipe made of oat-straw.


• AOT, ATO, OTA, Ota, TAO, Tao, To'a, tao, toa

Source: Wiktionary


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