maxim, axiom

(noun) a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits

Maxim, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim

(noun) English inventor (born in the United States) who invented the Maxim gun that was used in World War I (1840-1916)

Source: WordNet® 3.1


After the inventor Sir Hiram Maxim (1840-1916).


Maxim (plural Maxims)

The Maxim gun, a British machine gun of various calibres used by the British army from 1889 until World War I.

Synonyms: Maxim gun, Vickers gun



maxim (plural maxims)

(now rare) A self-evident axiom or premise; a pithy expression of a general principle or rule.

A precept; a succinct statement or observation of a rule of conduct or moral teaching.


• (precept, succinct statement): Synonym: aphorism, cliche, enthymeme, proverb, saying

• See also saying

Source: Wiktionary

Max"im, n. Etym: [F. maxime, L. maxima (sc. sententia), the greatest sentence, proposition, or axiom, i. e., of the greatest weight or authority, fem. fr. maximus greatest, superl. of magnus great. See Magnitude, and cf. Maximum.]

1. An established principle or proposition; a condensed proposition of important practical truth; an axiom of practical wisdom; an adage; a proverb; an aphorism. 'T is their maxim, Love is love's reward. Dryden.

2. (Mus.)

Definition: The longest note formerly used, equal to two longs, or four breves; a large.


– Axiom; aphorism; apothegm; adage; proverb; saying. See Axiom.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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