(adjective) currently fashionable; “the in thing to do”; “large shoulder pads are in”


(adjective) directed or bound inward; “took the in bus”; “the in basket”


(adjective) holding office; “the in party”

in, inwards, inward

(adverb) to or toward the inside of; “come in”; “smash in the door”

Indiana, Hoosier State, IN, Ind.

(noun) a state in midwestern United States

inch, in

(noun) a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot

indium, In, atomic number

(noun) a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite

Source: WordNet® 3.1

Etymology 1



Used to indicate location, inclusion, or position within spatial, temporal or other limits.

Contained by.

Within the bounds or limits of.

Surrounded by; among; amidst.

Part of; a member of; out of; from among.

During (a period of time).

Within a certain elapsed time; by the end of.

At the end of a period of time.

(grammar, phonetics) Characterized by.


Used to indicate limit, qualification, condition, or circumstance.

Indicating an order or arrangement.

Denoting a state of the subject.

Indicates, connotatively, a place-like form of someone's (or something's) personality, as his, her or its psychic and physical characteristics.

Pertaining to; with regard to.

Wearing (an item of clothing).

Used to indicate means, medium, format, genre, or instrumentality.

(of something offered or given in an exchange) In the form of, in the denomination of.

Used to indicate a language, script, tone, etc. of a text, speech, etc.


• in-memory


in (third-person singular simple present ins, present participle inning, simple past and past participle inned)

(obsolete, transitive) To enclose.

(obsolete, transitive) To take in; to harvest.


in (not comparable)

At or towards the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room.

Towards the speaker or other reference point.

So as to be enclosed or surrounded by something.

(sports) Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball.

After the beginning of something.

Usage notes

When describing literal position, one can always substitute the word inside for in, and in many constructions, this is mandatory. For example, one must say a room with a rabbit inside, not *a room with a rabbit in.


in (plural ins)

A position of power or influence, or a way to get it.

(mostly, in the plural) One who, or that which, is in; especially, one who is in office.

Antonym: out

(sport) The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting; see innings.

A re-entrant angle; a nook or corner.


• out


in (comparative more in, superlative most in)

(not comparable) Located indoors, especially at home or at one's office or place of work.

(not comparable) Located inside something.

(sports, of the ball or other playing implement) Falling or remaining within the bounds of the playing area.

Inserted or fitted into something.

Having been collected or received.

In fashion; popular.


(nautical, of the sails of a vessel) Furled or stowed.

Of the tide, at or near its highest level.

(legal) With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin.

(cricket) Currently batting.

Having familiarity or involvement with somebody.

(informal) Having a favourable position, such as a position of influence or expected gain, in relation to another person.

Etymology 2


in (plural ins or in)

Abbreviation of inch; inches.


• N.I., NI, ni

Proper noun


Abbreviation of Indiana, a state of the United States of America.


IN (uncountable)

(biochemistry) Abbreviation of integrase.

internegative; a type of film stock, most commonly used regarding 35mm motion picture negative


• N.I., NI, ni

Source: Wiktionary


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