antique, demode, ex, old-fashioned, old-hat, outmoded, passe, passee

(adjective) out of fashion; “a suit of rather antique appearance”; “demode (or outmoded) attire”; “outmoded ideas”

X, ex

(noun) the 24th letter of the Roman alphabet

ex, ex-wife

(noun) a woman who was formerly a particular man’s wife; “all his exes live in Texas”

ex, ex-husband

(noun) a man who was formerly a certain woman’s husband

Source: WordNet® 3.1

Etymology 1


ex (plural exes)

The name of the Latin-script letter X.

Etymology 2


ex (third-person singular simple present exes, present participle exing, simple past and past participle exed)

To delete; to cross out

Etymology 3


ex (plural exes)

(colloquial) A former partner or spouse, usually short for ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife or ex-husband.


ex (not comparable)

Ex-, former, previously but no longer.

Etymology 4


ex (not comparable)

(rail transport, of a train) the place the train originated from or called at prior to the present location.

Usage notes

ex is always followed by a location and frequently preceded by a time or other identifier of the specific train. The time may be either the time it was scheduled to depart the given location or the time it was scheduled to pass the current location.

Etymology 5


ex (comparative more ex, superlative most ex)

(Singapore, colloquial) expensive, dear


• xe

Source: Wiktionary


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(adjective) attractively old-fashioned (but not necessarily authentic); “houses with quaint thatched roofs”; “a vaulted roof supporting old-time chimney pots”

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