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A Scottish habitational surname from Scottish Gaelic creag, originally meaning someone who lived near a crag.

An Irish surname of Hiberno-Norman origin, an anglicization of de Craig, de Creag (“of the crag”).

An Irish surname, a variant anglicization of de Carraig (Carrick).

A male given name from surnames.

A locale in United States.

A city in Alaska; named for early settler and fishmonger Craig Miller.

A city, the county seat of Moffat County, Colorado; named for financier Rev. William Bayard Craig.

A city in Iowa.

A city in Missouri; named for lawyer and politician James Craig.

A village in Nebraska; named for early settler William Stewart Craig.

An unincorporated community in California; named for a railroad official.

An unincorporated community in Indiana.

An unincorporated community in Montana.

An unincorporated community in Ohio.

A ghost town in Modoc County, California; named for postmaster Robert A. Craig.

A river in Alaska, United States, and British Columbia, Canada; named for engineer John Davidson Craig.


• Agric., agric., argic, cigar



craig (plural craigs)

A rocky crag.


• Agric., agric., argic, cigar

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