(adjective) fresh; “caller fish”


(adjective) providing coolness; “a cooling breeze”; “‘caller’ is a Scottish term as in ‘a caller breeze’”

caller, company

(noun) a social or business visitor; “the room was a mess because he hadn’t expected company”

caller, caller-up, phoner, telephoner

(noun) the person initiating a telephone call; “there were so many callers that he finally disconnected the telephone”


(noun) the person who convenes a meeting; “who is the caller of this meeting?”


(noun) someone who proclaims or summons in a loud voice; “the callers were mothers summoning their children home for dinner”

caller, caller-out

(noun) a person who announces the changes of steps during a dance; “you need a fiddler and a caller for country dancing”


(noun) the bettor in a card game who matches the bet and calls for a show of hands


(noun) an investor who buys a call option

Source: WordNet® 3.1



caller (plural callers)

(telephony) The person who makes a telephone call.

A visitor.

(bingo) The person who stands at the front of the hall and announces the numbers.

(programming) A function that calls another (the callee).

A whistle or similar item used to call foxes.

(dance) The person who directs dancers in certain dances, such as American line dances and square dances.


• cellar, re-call, recall

Source: Wiktionary

Call"er, n.

Definition: One who calls.

Cal"ler, a. [Scot.]

1. Cool; refreshing; fresh; as, a caller day; the caller air. Jamieson.

2. Fresh; in good condition; as, caller berrings.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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