attic, bean, bonce, noodle, noggin, dome

(noun) informal terms for a human head

bean, edible bean

(noun) any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae used for food

bean, bean plant

(noun) any of various leguminous plants grown for their edible seeds and pods


(noun) any of various seeds or fruits that are beans or resemble beans


(verb) hit on the head, especially with a pitched baseball

Source: WordNet® 3.1


Proper noun


A surname.

A village in Kent, Dartford district, England.


• Bane, Bena, bane, nabe



bean (plural beans)

Any plant of several genera of the taxonomic family Fabaceae that produces large edible seeds or edible seedpods.

The large edible seed of such a plant (for example, a broad bean, navy bean or garbanzo bean).

The edible seedpod of such a plant.

(by extension) The bean-like seed of certain other plants, such a a vanilla bean or (especially) a coffee bean.

(by extension) An object resembling a pea or bean in shape, often made from plastic or styrofoam and used in large numbers as packing material or as stuffing for beanbags and similar items.

(slang) The head or brain.

(slang) The clitoris.

(slang, often, affectionate) A person.

(British, slang, archaic) A guinea coin.

(British, slang, usually in the negative) Money.

(software) Clipping of JavaBean.

Usage notes

Beans and peas are sometimes misidentified with one another; they are both legumes (belong to the family Fabaceae) and seeds. Bean was later extended to other seeds belonging to the New World genus Phaseolus (runner beans, lima beans etc.). Some other non-Fabaceae plants (coffee, cocoa, vanilla, soy, ...) are also referred to as beans because of their resemblance to ordinary beans.

Peas are a type of bean with smaller, round seeds in the pod, in contrast to oval or kidney-shaped seeds usually referred to as beans. Because both terms are applied to a wide range of different legumes the distinction is not always clear: garbanzo bean is a synonym of chickpea.


• adsuki bean

• aduki bean

• adzuki bean

• algaroba bean

• algarroba bean

• Anasazi bean

• asparagus bean

• azuki bean

• baked beans

• baking beans

• bay bean

• beach bean

• Bengal bean

• Benghal bean

• black bean

• black turtle bean

• blackbean

• black-eyed bean

• blue beans

• bog bean

• bogbean

• borlotti bean

• broad bean

• broadbean

• buck bean

• buckbean

• bush bean

• butter bean

• butterbean

• cacao bean

• Calabar bean

• calico bean

• cannellini bean

• carob bean

• castor bean

• castor-oil bean

• ceci bean

• chili beans

• China bean

• Chinese long bean

• civet bean

• cluster bean

• cocoa bean

• coffee bean

• common bean

• coral bean

• corona bean

• cow bean

• cowboy beans

• cranberry bean

• djenkol bean

• dragon tongue bean

• Dutch case-knife bean

• dwarf bean

• edible bean

• Egyptian bean

• English bean

• English runner bean

• Entity Bean

• European bean

• faba bean

• fava bean

• field bean

• flageolet bean

• flick the bean

• Florida bean

• Florida velvet bean

• French bean

• french bean

• French filet bean

• fresh bean

• full of beans

• garbanzo bean

• gemsbuck beans

• giant stock bean

• give someone beans

• goa bean

• great Northern bean

• green bean

• guar bean

• guava bean

• haricot bean

• haricot vert bean

• hog's bean

• horse bean

• horsebean

• hyacinth bean

• ice-cream bean

• Ignatius' bean

• Indian bean

• Italian flat bean

• jack bean

• java bean

• jelly bean

• jellybean

• jequirity bean

• jering bean

• jolly bean

• jumby bean

• jumping bean

• Kentucky wonder bean

• Kersting's bean

• kidney bean

• Leichhardt's bean

• lima bean

• locust bean

• lupini bean

• Lyon bean

• Mackenzie bean

• Madagascar bean

• magotty bay bean

• Manila bean

• marama bean

• marrow bean

• mash bean

• mat bean

• mescal bean

• mescalbean

• mesquite bean

• Message-driven Bean

• Mexican bean

• Mexican jumping bean

• Mexican yam bean

• mini beans

• Molucca bean

• moong bean

• morama bean

• moth bean

• mung bean

• mungo bean

• navy bean

• old bean

• ordeal bean

• pea bean

• pichurim bean

• pink bean

• pinto bean

• poison bean

• pole bean

• Price's potato-bean

• Pythagorean bean

• Queensland bean

• red bean

• refried beans

• rice and beans

• rice bean (Vigna umbellata)

• Romano bean

• runner bean

• sacred bean

• sand bean

• scarlet runner bean

• screw bean

• screwbean

• sea bean

• sea green bean

• seabean

• shell bean

• sieva bean

• smoking bean

• snail bean

• snap bean

• snuffbox bean

• soja bean

• soup beans

• soy bean

• soya bean

• soybean

• Spanish bean

• speckled butter bean

• spill the beans

• St Ignatius' bean

• St Ignatius's bean

• St. Thomas bean

• string bean

• stringless bean

• sugar bean

• sword bean

• tepary bean

• tick bean

• tickbean

• tonca bean

• tonga bean

• tonka bean

• tonqua bean

• tonquin bean

• turtle bean

• urd bean

• vanilla bean

• velvet bean

• Walkman Bean

• wax bean

• waxbean

• wax-pod bean

• Welsh bean

• white bean

• wild bean

• Windsor bean

• winged bean

• wolf bean

• wonder bean

• yam bean

• Yankee bean

• yardlong bean

• yard-long bean

• yellow bean

(software: JavaBeans):

• backing bean

• BaseBean

• JavaBean

• managed bean

• MBean

• Session Bean


bean (third-person singular simple present beans, present participle beaning, simple past and past participle beaned)

(chiefly, baseball) To hit deliberately with a projectile, especially in the head.


• Bane, Bena, bane, nabe

Source: Wiktionary

Bean, n. Etym: [OE. bene, AS.beán; akin to D. boon, G. bohne, OHG. p, Icel. baun, Dan. bönne, Sw. böna, and perh. to Russ. bob, L. faba.]

1. (Bot.)

Definition: A name given to the seed of certain leguminous herbs, chiefly of the genera Faba, Phaseolus, and Dolichos; also, to the herbs.

Note: The origin and classification of many kinds are still doubtful. Among true beans are: the black-eyed bean and China bean, included in Dolichos Sinensis; black Egyptian bean or hyacinth bean, D. Lablab; the common haricot beans, kidney beans, string beans, and pole beans, all included in Phaseolus vulgaris; the lower bush bean, Ph. vulgaris, variety nanus; Lima bean, Ph. lunatus; Spanish bean and scarlet runner, Ph. maltiflorus; Windsor bean, the common bean of England, Faba vulgaris. As an article of food beans are classed with vegetables.

2. The popular name of other vegetable seeds or fruits, more or less resembling true beans. Bean aphis (Zoöl.), a plant louse (Aphis fabæ) which infests the bean plant.

– Bean fly (Zoöl.), a fly found on bean flowers.

– Bean goose (Zoöl.), a species of goose (Anser segetum).

– Bean weevil (Zoöl.), a small weevil that in the larval state destroys beans. The American species in Bruchus fabæ.

– Florida bean (Bot.), the seed of Mucuna urens, a West Indian plant. The seeds are washed up on the Florida shore, and are often polished and made into ornaments.

– Ignatius bean, or St. Ignatius's bean (Bot.), a species of Strychnos.

– Navy bean, the common dried white bean of commerce; probably so called because an important article of food in the navy.

– Pea bean, a very small and highly esteemed variety of the edible white bean; -- so called from its size.

– Sacred bean. See under Sacred.

– Screw bean. See under Screw.

– Sea bean. (a) Same as Florida bean. (b) A red bean of unknown species used for ornament.

– Tonquin bean, or Tonka bean, the fragrant seed of Dipteryx odorata, a leguminous tree.

– Vanilla bean. See under Vanilla.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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