Etymology 1

Proper noun


A female given name from Hebrew, a variant of Eva.

A female given name from Irish, an anglicization of Aoife.

A female given name from Germanic languages, from a Germanic root *avi of uncertain meaning.

A locale in United States.

A city in Illinois.

A city, the county seat of Douglas County, Missouri.

An unincorporated community in Alabama.

An unincorporated community in Arkansas.

An unincorporated community in Ohio.

Usage notes

The female given name was popular in the 2000s in all English-speaking countries.

Etymology 2

Proper noun


(historical) An abandoned city in central Burma, formerly the capital of the country.

A town in New York, United States; named for the Kingdom of Ava.




ava (uncountable)

Alternative form of kava



Source: Wiktionary

A"va, n.

Definition: Same as Kava. Johnston.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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