valet, valet de chambre, gentleman, gentleman's gentleman, man

(noun) a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer; “Jeeves was Bertie Wooster’s man”


(verb) serve as a personal attendant to

Source: WordNet® 3.1



valet (plural valets)

A man's personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance.

A hotel employee performing such duties for guests.

(professional wrestling) A female performer in professional wrestling, acting as either a manager or personal chaperone; often used to attract and titillate male members of the audience.

A female chaperone who accompanies a man, and is usually not married to him.

A person employed to clean or park cars.

A person employed to assist the jockey and trainer at a racecourse.

A wooden stand on which to hold clothes and accessories in preparation for dressing.

A kind of goad or stick with an iron point.


• (personal attendant): butler (proscribed), gentleman's gentleman


valet (third-person singular simple present valets, present participle valeting, simple past and past participle valeted)

(transitive) To serve (someone) as a valet.

(transitive, chiefly UK, Ireland) To clean and service (a car), as a valet does.

(transitive, US) To leave (a car) with a valet to park it.

Source: Wiktionary

Val"et, n. Etym: [F. valet, OF. vallet, varlet, vaslet. See Varlet, and Vassal.]

1. A male waiting servant; a servant who attends on gentleman's person; a body servant.

2. (Man.)

Definition: A kind of goad or stick with a point of iron. Valet de chambre ( Etym: [F.], a body servant, or personal attendant.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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