(adjective) pleasing to the sense of taste; “a tasty morsel”

Source: WordNet® 3.1



tasty (comparative tastier, superlative tastiest)

Having a pleasant or satisfying flavor; delicious.

(obsolete) Having or showing good taste; tasteful.

(slang) Appealing; when applied to persons, sexually appealing.

(UK, informal) Skillful; highly competent.

(UK, informal) Potentially violent.


• (pleasant flavor): See delicious


• yatts

Source: Wiktionary

Tast"y, a. [Compar. Tastier; superl. Tastiest.]

1. Having a good taste; -- applied to persons; as, a tasty woman. See Taste, n., 5.

2. Being in conformity to the principles of good taste; elegant; as, tasty furniture; a tasty dress.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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