stretto (plural strettos or stretti)

(music) The presence of two close or overlapping statements of the subject of a fugue, especially towards the end.

(music) An acceleration in the tempo of an opera that produces an ending climax.


stretto (not comparable)

(music) With gradually increasing speed.


stretto (not comparable)

(music) Having gradually increasing speed.


• rottest, stotter, tortest, totters

Source: Wiktionary

Stret"to, n. Etym: [It., close or contacted, pressed.] (Mus.) (a) The crowding of answer upon subject near the end of a fugue. (b) In an opera or oratorio, a coda, or winding up, in an accelerated time. [Written also stretta.]

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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