remission, remitment, remit

(noun) (law) the act of remitting (especially the referral of a law case to another court)


(noun) the topic that a person, committee, or piece of research is expected to deal with or has authority to deal with; “they set up a group with a remit to suggest ways for strengthening family life”


(verb) diminish or abate; “The pain finally remitted”

slacken, remit

(verb) make slack as by lessening tension or firmness


(verb) forgive; “God will remit their sins”

remit, remand, send back

(verb) refer (a matter or legal case) to another committee or authority or court for decision


(verb) release from (claims, debts, or taxes); “The taxes were remitted”


(verb) send (money) in payment; “remit $25”

postpone, prorogue, hold over, put over, table, shelve, set back, defer, remit, put off

(verb) hold back to a later time; “let’s postpone the exam”

Source: WordNet® 3.1



remit (third-person singular simple present remits, present participle remitting, simple past and past participle remitted)

(transitive) To transmit or send (e.g. money in payment); to supply.

(transitive) To forgive, pardon (a wrong, offence, etc.).

(transitive) To refrain from exacting or enforcing.

(transitive, obsolete) To give up; omit; cease doing.

(transitive) To allow (something) to slacken, to relax (one's attention etc.).

(intransitive, obsolete) To show a lessening or abatement (of a specified quality).

(intransitive, obsolete) To diminish, abate.

(transitive) To refer (something or someone) for deliberation, judgment, etc. (to a particular body or person).

(transitive, obsolete) To send back.

(transitive, archaic) To give or deliver up; surrender; resign.

(transitive) To restore or replace.

(transitive) To postpone.

(transitive, obsolete) To refer (someone to something), direct someone's attention to something.


remit (plural remits)

(chiefly British) Terms of reference; set of responsibilities; scope.

(legal) A communication from a superior court to a subordinate court.


• responsibility

• brief


• Terim, ermit, merit, miter, mitre, timer

Source: Wiktionary

Re*mit" (r-mt"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Remitted; p. pr. & vb. n. Remitting.] Etym: [L. remittere, remissum, to send back, to slacken, relax; pref. re- re- + mittere to send. See Mission, and cf. Remise, Remiss.]

1. To send back; to give up; to surrender; to resign. In the case the law remits him to his ancient and more certain right. Blackstone. In grevious and inhuman crimes, offenders should be remitted to their prince. Hayward. The prisoner was remitted to the guard. Dryden.

2. To restore. [Obs.] The archbishop was . . . remitted to his liberty. Hayward.

3. (Com.)

Definition: To transmit or send, esp. to a distance, as money in payment of a demand, account, draft, etc.; as, he remitted the amount by mail.

4. To send off or away; hence: (a) To refer or direct (one) for information, guidance, help, etc. "Remitting them . . . to the works of Galen." Sir T. Elyot. (b) To submit, refer, or leave (something) for judgment or decision. "Whether the counsel be good Iremit it to the wise readers." Sir T. Elyot.

5. To relax in intensity; to make less violent; to abate. So willingly doth God remit his ire. Milton.

6. To forgive; to pardon; to remove. Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them. John xx. 23.

7. To refrain from exacting or enforcing; as, to remit the performance of an obligation. "The sovereign was undoubtedly competent to remit penalties." Macaulay.


– To relax; release; abate; relinguish; forgive; pardon; absolve.

Re*mit", v. i.

1. To abate in force or in violence; to grow less intense; to become moderated; to abate; to relax; as, a fever remits; the severity of the weather remits.

2. To send money, as in payment. Addison.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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