microphotograph (plural microphotographs)

A photograph so reduced in size that it must be viewed through a lens or a microscope.

A photograph taken through a microscope, an enlarged picture of a very small item or area; a photomicrograph.


microphotograph (third-person singular simple present microphotographs, present participle microphotographing, simple past and past participle microphotographed)

To create such a photograph


• photomicrograph

Source: Wiktionary

Mi`cro*pho"to*graph, n. Etym: [Micro- + photograph.]

1. A microscopically small photograph of a picture, writing, printed page, etc.

2. An enlarged representation of a microscopic object, produced by throwing upon a sensitive plate the magnified image of an object formed by a microscope or other suitable combination of lenses.

Note: A picture of this kind is preferably called a photomicrograph.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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