possibly, perchance, perhaps, maybe, mayhap, peradventure

(adverb) by chance; “perhaps she will call tomorrow”; “we may possibly run into them at the concert”; “it may peradventure be thought that there never was such a time”

Source: WordNet® 3.1



maybe (not comparable)

Modifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty: it may be that...

(as a pro-sentence) Perhaps that is true (expressing no commitment to a decision or a neutral viewpoint to a statement).

Usage notes

• Do not confuse maybe with the verb construction may be: "Maybe that's true", but "That may be true".


• (perhaps): mayhaps, peradventure, perhaps, possibly

• (as a pro-sentence): could be, mayhaps, might be, perhaps, possibly, that’s possible


maybe (comparative more maybe, superlative most maybe)

Possible; uncertain.


maybe (plural maybes)

(informal) Something that is possibly true.

(informal) An answer that shows neither agreement nor disagreement.

(informal) A future event that may or may not happen.


• perhaps


• Mabey, abyme, beamy, embay

Source: Wiktionary

May"be, adv. Etym: [For it may be.]

Definition: Perhaps; possibly; peradventure. Maybe the amorous count solicits her. Shak. In a liberal and, maybe, somewhat reckless way. Tylor.

May"be, a.

Definition: Possible; probable, but not sure. [R.] Then add those maybe years thou hast to live. Driden.

May"be, n.

Definition: Possibility; uncertainty. [R.] What they offer is mere maybe and shift. Creech.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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