gulch, flume

(noun) a narrow gorge with a stream running through it

Source: WordNet® 3.1



gulch (third-person singular simple present gulches, present participle gulching, simple past and past participle gulched)

(obsolete) To swallow greedily; to gulp down.

(obsolete) To fall heavily.


gulch (plural gulches)

A ravine-like or deep V-shaped valley, often eroded by flash floods; shallower than a canyon and deeper than a gully.

(obsolete) An act of gulching or gulping.

(obsolete) A glutton.

Source: Wiktionary

Gulch, n.

1. Act of gulching or gulping. [Obs.]

2. A glutton. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

3. A ravine, or part of the deep bed of a torrent when dry; a gully.

Gulch, v. t. Etym: [OE. gulchen; cf. dial. Sw. gölka to gulch, D. gulzig greedy, or E. gulp.]

Definition: To swallow greedily; to gulp down. [Obs.]

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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