(adjective) of or for the common people; “demotic entertainments”; “demotic speech”; “a poet with a keen ear for demotic rhythms”


(adjective) of or written in or belonging to the form of modern Greek based on colloquial use

Romaic, Demotic

(noun) the modern Greek vernacular

Demotic, Demotic script

(noun) a simplified cursive form of the ancient hieratic script; “Demotic script was eventually replaced by Greek”

Source: WordNet® 3.1

Proper noun


demotic Egyptian script, used from c. 650BCE to 452CE.

demotic Egyptian language, spoken from c. 650BCE to 400BCE.



demotic (not comparable)

Of or for the common people.

Synonyms: colloquial, informal, popular, vernacular

Antonym: formal

Of, relating to, or written in the vulgar form of ancient Egyptian hieratic writing, with simplified, cursive hieroglyphs.

Synonym: enchorial

Of, relating to, or written in the form of modern vernacular Greek.


demotic (plural demotics)

(linguistics) Language as spoken or written by the common people.

Source: Wiktionary

De*mot"ic, a. Etym: [Gr. démotique.]

Definition: Of or pertaining to the people; popular; common. Demotic alphabet or character, a form of writing used in Egypt after six or seven centuries before Christ, for books, deeds, and other such writings; a simplified form of the hieratic character; -- called also epistolographic character, and enchorial character. See Enchorial.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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