(noun) engraving or carving in low relief on a stone (as in a brooch or ring)

Source: WordNet® 3.1



cameo (plural cameos or cameoes)

A piece of jewelry, etc, carved in relief.

A single very brief appearance, especially by a prominent celebrity in a movie or song.


cameo (third-person singular simple present cameos, present participle cameoing, simple past and past participle cameoed)

To appear in a cameo role.


• Meaco, comae

Source: Wiktionary

Cam"e*o, n.; pl. Cameos. Etym: [It cammeo; akin to F. camée, camaïeu, Sp. camafeo, LL. camaeus, camahutus; of unknown origin.]

Definition: A carving in relief, esp. one on a small scale used as a jewel for personal adornment, or like.

Note: Most cameos are carved in a material which has layers of different colors, such stones as the onyx and sardonyx, and various kinds of shells, being used. Cameo conch (Zoöl.), a large, marine, univalve shell, esp. Cassis cameo, C. rua, and allied species, used for cutting cameos. See Quern conch.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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