beefwood, Grevillea striata

(noun) tree yielding hard heavy reddish wood


(noun) any of several Australian trees of the genus Casuarina yielding heavy hard red wood used in cabinetwork


(noun) any of several heavy hard reddish chiefly tropical woods of the families Casuarinaceae and Proteaceae; some used for cabinetwork

balata, balata tree, beefwood, bully tree, Manilkara bidentata

(noun) a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber

Source: WordNet® 3.1



beefwood (countable and uncountable, plural beefwoods)

Any of the Australian trees having timber resembling raw beef.

(uncountable) The timber of those trees.


• belah


• (beefwood tree): Barringtonia calyptrata, Barringtonia racemosa, Bischofia javanica (bishop wood), Grevillea parallela, Grevillea striata, Orites excelsa, Stenocarpus salignus, Stenocarpus sinuatus

Source: Wiktionary

Beef"wood`, n.

Definition: An Australian tree (Casuarina), and its red wood, used for cabinetwork; also, the trees Stenocarpus salignus of New South Wales, and Banksia compar of Queensland.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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