Anglo (plural Anglos)

Alternative letter-case form of anglo


• Golan, Logan, NALGO, along, logan, long a, longa


anglo (plural anglos)

An English person or person of English ancestry.

(southwest US, informal, sometimes offensive) an American, especially a white one (regardless of actual ethnicity), whose native language is English (as opposed to Americans for who have another native language).

(Australia, informal) an Anglo-Australian (as opposed to Australians of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern background).

(Canada, informal) an English-speaking Quebecer.

A white-skinned person.

(nonstandard) A British person or person of British ancestry.


• Golan, Logan, NALGO, along, logan, long a, longa

Source: Wiktionary

An"glo- Etym: [NL. Anglus English. See Anglican.]

Definition: A combining form meaning the same as English; or English and, or English conjoined with; as, Anglo-Turkish treaty, Anglo-German, Anglo-Irish. Anglo-American, . Of or pertaining to the English and Americans, or to the descendants of Englishmen in America.

– n. A descendant from English ancestors born in America, or the United States. Anglo-Danish, a. Of or pertaining to the English and Danes, or to the Danes who settled in England. Anglo-Indian, a. Of or pertaining to the English in India, or to the English and East Indian peoples or languages.

– n. One of the Anglo-Indian race born or resident in the East Indies. Anglo-Norman, a. Of or pertaining to the English and Normans, or to the Normans who settled in England.

– n. One of the English Normans, or the Normans who conquered England. Anglo-Saxon. See Anglo-Saxon in the Vocabulary.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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