(noun) (informal British usage) aggravation or aggression; “I skipped it because it was too much aggro”

Source: WordNet® 3.1



aggro (uncountable)

Aggravation; bother.

(chiefly, UK, Australia) Aggressive behaviour; loud, intimidating behaviour that convincingly threatens violence without necessarily actually becoming violent.

(online gaming) A measure of how belligerent a player is – a high value may inspire either avoidance or preemptive hostile action from enemies.

(online gaming, MMORPG slang) Hostile attention from an enemy that should target players with better defenses.


aggro (comparative more aggro, superlative most aggro)

(Australia, NZ, slang) Angry.

(online gaming, MMORPG slang) Liable to attack without being attacked first (said of monsters).

(British, US, slang) Hardcore, aggressive.


aggro (third-person singular simple present aggroes or aggros, present participle aggroing, simple past and past participle aggroed)

(online gaming, MMORPG slang, intransitive) To become aggressive towards the player's character.


• Gogar

Source: Wiktionary


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