admin (countable and uncountable, plural admins)

(informal, uncountable) Administration, or administrative work.

(computing, informal, uncountable) A systems administrator; one who maintains a computer system or network.

(internet, informal, countable) A user of a discussion forum, web site, etc. with privileges allowing them to control or restrict the activity of other uses.


admin (third-person singular simple present admins, present participle adminning or admining, simple past and past participle adminned or admined)

(transitive, computing, informal) To serve as an administrator for or of.


• Mdina, Midan, Minda, amind, danim, mandi, manid

Source: Wiktionary


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(verb) pass on or delegate to another; “The representative devolved his duties to his aides while he was in the hospital”

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