abbreviature (countable and uncountable, plural abbreviatures)

An abridgment; a compendium; an abstract. [since the late 16th century]

(obsolete) An abbreviated state or form. [only during the early to mid 17th century]

A shortened form of a word or phrase, used in place of the whole; an abbreviation. [since the mid 17th century]

(obsolete) The process of abbreviating. [only during the early to late 17th century]

Source: Wiktionary

Ab*bre"vi*a*ture, n.

1. An abbreviation; an abbreviated state or form. [Obs.]

2. An abridgment; a compendium or abstract. This is an excellent abbreviature of the whole duty of a Christian. Jer. Taylor.

Source: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 1913 Edition


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